As much as I’d like to be like a fashion blogger and post different outfits and products all the time, it gets a bit difficult when trying to budget and still remain faithful to certain things that you genuinely love and use every day. This post is a short compilation of a few clothing and beauty items that I have used to death this month, signifying to me that they were worth the money and effort. This also has given me the opportunity to test out a few brands that I now know I will most likely purchase from again in the future.

I hesitate making too many posts like this because of how ritualistic I am when it comes to morning routines—I tend not to stray too far from the products I like so I end up using the same things for a few months until I feel like a change is necessary. But when I buy too many new things I begin to feel overwhelmed with the plethora options (a first world problem, I know), that I just shut down and don’t put any of them to good use.

Anyway, here are the four things I haven’t stopped reaching for this month—some of them are boring, but I’m unapologetic of my basic bitch status and will gladly accept whoever wants to join me on the other side!


This purchase was born from a desire to be hip but also still very comfortable. I, luckily, work in a very casual environment so I’m able to wear trainers everyday if I so chose to…which I did almost every day this month. It’s hard to go back to flats and boots when it feels like I’m wearing absolutely nothing on my feet. I picked these up at an outlet mall near my city, but I’m sure they aren’t that difficult to find. My favourite aspect of them is how easily they bend with your foot while you walk, so I haven’t gotten any blisters since I started wearing them, which is a miracle for me because of the amount of issues I have with shoes.

I’ve also tested them out on long distance walks home from work and they have definitely risen to the challenge, remaining comfortable and light even after an hour and a half on the road. The only downside to them would be that they don’t have a lot of arch support for people like me who have flat feet. However, I also haven’t noticed any significant discomfort because of this. All in all, I would recommend pick up a pair or even just trying them on to get an understanding of the design and material of these trainers.


I have an obsession with big bags, but my shoulder doth protest too much. I have gone from the big totes to cross-bodies—you name it, I probably own it. So, I thought that I would give myself a bit of a break from any excessive weight or stiff structure and pick up something smaller and flimsy, but still wide enough to carry all my necessities for a day at work. This tote has been working really well for me in the time that I’ve had it, especially because its flimsy structure is easy to tuck away under your arm or in tight spaces.

The material is unfinished navy blue leather and the straps are black finished leather for contrast. Zara has always been a go-to when looking for new bags because of their interesting and unique designs, so I didn’t hesitate when I saw it. However, actually purchasing it was difficult. None of the stores in my area had it so I opted to buy online. Unfortunately, the carry-all pouch it should have come with didn’t show up, which is a bit annoying since there are no pockets inside the bag itself. But I have enough of my own pouches to use for that job. I guess the only thing would recommend is to keep your Zara purchases to in store for products like this.


This product is a classic as many people probably already know. I’m also sure I’ve already discussed this on my blog before, but it’s one of my tried and true’s since the moment I first bought it. While some people might not like powder products, I find that they suit my skin much more than anything overtly dewy. This foundation is incredibly quick and easy to apply in the mornings when my skin has a bit of discolouration and I can throw it in my purse for any touch-ups throughout the day. Seeing as I don’t have a lot of acne (except for the odd blemish here and there) it’s effortless for smoothing out the skin tone and drying any oil spots (especially on my forehead). The formula is incredibly buttery, but I would recommend applying it with a buffer brush, just to really blend it into your skin as opposed to using the powder puff it comes with.

The only issue I can say I have with this foundation is that it can look a bit powdery on the skin at times when I get a bit dry from the weather. I find it caking up around the crease of my nostrils and a bit on the centre of my forehead, but I’ve noticed that with a primer as a base any of those issues have significantly decreased. I guess it always depends on your skin care first and your makeup second.   


It has been a long and treacherous journey to find the perfect glasses and I can confidently say that it is over. It took me about a month and a half of constant optical hopping to find a pair of glasses that were the perfect shape, colour, and weight for me and I decided on this pair from Modo—a company I had never heard of before but will purchase from in the future. What really attracted me to them is that they are matte brown, semi-round and as light as the Adidas trainers I discussed above. Those were the main criteria in the back of my mind when I was shopping for a new pair, hoping to find one that encompassed all of them. That’s almost impossible because most of the time, styles are made to fit any recent trends and we have only just left the big, square rimmed glasses phase and entered into the 90’s revival one.

With my last pair of glasses I couldn’t wear them for more than a few hours because of how heavy and ill-fitting they were on my face, leaving me to suffer with a headache for the rest of the day. In addition to the high prescription of I have, you can understand why I needed a lighter frame to compensate. However, I can honestly say that I’ve worn these Modo glasses for a week without any significant issues like my last pair had been causing me. While the price point was a bit higher than I was hoping to pay, I can to the understanding that if I wanted a quality frame with a flattery and trendy style then I was going to have to have to spend a bit more for longer overall enjoyment.

What have you been loving this month?