Throughout the past few years I’ve become obsessed with podcasts. There’s something I find enjoyable about listening in on a conversation or to someone telling a story and I find that it’s the best pastime if you don’t really want to listen to music. Seeing as I’m traveling on the subway every day of the week, I’ve been listening to podcasts even more and have found a few that I can’t stop listening to. Most of them I’ve discovered from recommendations and others just by browsing the podcast app. The podcasts that I’m mentioning below are only a few that I’ve been listening to. I expect to have another post like this out again in the future.


I’ve always enjoyed a good murder mystery and with this podcast that desire has been satisfied. Not only do I enjoy the mystery aspect of these sometimes grizzly tales, but also the discovery of these crimes and the outcome of their stories. Casefile has become my favourite podcast at the moment because of its long episodes, detailed descriptions of cases, and even real recordings of the convicted criminals. It is almost as raw as you can get when diving into the intricacies of these scary individuals and their histories. I’ve recently finished listening to all the episodes, so I’m constantly sitting on the edge of my seat until the next episode is released.





For those of you who are like me and enjoy a good scare, then this podcast will prove very interesting. It dives into the world of folk lore and its origins in only 20ish minutes with the eerily controlled voice of Aaron Mahnke guiding the way. From goblins to zombies to the human psyche, the many elements of horror stories are decisively explained and transformed into chilling tales. It’s fascinating to learn about certain stories and their derivation, especially ones that are still very prominent in today’s culture. I was happy to learn that this podcast will soon be turned into a show so I’m eagerly anticipating that pilot episode. 


Having been a long time watcher of Shane Dawson on YouTube, you can imagine my glee at scrolling through iTunes to see that he had created a podcast. Not only does Shane resurrect a lot of famous characters from his channel haphazardly throughout the episodes, but he also bravely discusses many topics others might find a bit jarring. With his equally fearless co-host, Jesse Buttafuoco, the two march through their Farrah Abraham time episode after episode and have made it almost more important to me than the news. It is also very interesting to hear from the special guests they bring on the show, most of which are other YouTube celebrities.


I am a nerd, there’s no denying that, so when I found out there was a podcast devoted to the Harry Potter series I couldn’t resist having a listen. It definitely did not disappoint. Two Canadian professors delve into the intricacies of the novels and the movies, bringing up points that I would have never realized on my own and extrapolating on prevalent theories within the literary universe. While this may sound like a dense podcast to listen to, I assure you that there is nothing but laughs at the various segments they’ve created, recurring jokes, and obnoxious sound effects at the mention of certain words.


This is the most recent discovery in my podcast library and it is always a treat to listen to. Every episode begins with the phrase “I am a feminist but...”, allowing the listeners to understand the many social misconceptions surrounding the term “feminist”. Again, this may sound like a dense topic, but the show is hosted by two comedians in front of a live audience, so many of the jokes they make resonate. They recount certain scenarios in their lives that embody anti-feminism, and give themselves challenges involving these scenarios to overcome in every episode. The show is both lighthearted while touching on serious topics that many people tend to overlook.

What podcasts have you been loving?