I’m not the kind of person to completely change around what I’m doing with my make-up and style, but as the seasons shift into an undeniable change I find comfort in the idea metamorphosis when it comes to myself as well. This season I have decided to welcome in some new and dust off some of the old, which hasn’t been put to as much use as I would like.


Let’s begin with something I am semi-passionate about and that is scents. I am no Charles Gross (currently my favourite Youtuber) when it comes to perfumes and my collection, but I do think that the way you smell and the scent you choose should flatter who you are and your natural body chemistry. It is easy to take a trip to the department store and choose the newest, most advertised perfume. It may smell good when you spray it on the tiny strip they give you or after you’ve taken a sniff of a jar of coffee beans, but that does not mean it will settle nicely into your skin throughout the day.

This is the reason why it is so hard for me to decide and commit to a scent. The last perfume I used religiously since high school was Can Can by Paris Hilton and I was constantly given compliments on the smell, only to be followed by a cringe of distaste when I said the brand name. At the end of the day, brand does not matter, but rather the reaction of your skin with a combination of odors.

Currently I have been testing out Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, which I found in a perfectly sized tester at Sephora (not too big and expensive, but also not too small that I can’t properly use the product and decide if I like it). My favourite perfumes are those that incorporate a sweet, powdery base with a tad bit of fresh floral, and I think Black Opium does this quite well. It is only a matter of seeing how it wears on my skin throughout the day and if it lasts long enough to justify buying a full sized bottle of it. Updates will be provided!


I am not the biggest make-up person, not because I have something against people who are, but because I truly cannot muster the energy or even the skill to ‘put on my face’ every day. My go-to for the past few years has been Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in medium as a base, even though it is a fairly light powder. I’ve never really thought I needed heavy coverage for my skin tone and too much product produces a slick of oil on my forehead that is the most irritating thing to look at in the mirror throughout the day.

Mascara is still Too Faced, Better Than Sex, and probably will remain that way for years to come (or as long as they still sell it), so there isn’t much to tell there. However, the things I do enjoy switching up are my blush and my lipstick. I find those two are the only colour you can change on your face without looking like you are trying too hard or easily able to botch it. On my recent trip to Sephora I picked up one of their  Love Flush Long-Lasting 16-Hour blushes in Love Hangover (mostly because it is shaped like a heart) and because of how long it claims to last. Let me tell you! This is a very powerful product. There is a lot of pay off with just one swipe of your brush, maybe even too much, and that colour is not going to budge until you give your face a scrub, so be happy with the shade you pick.


This is another aspect of makeup I keep simple on most days. For a special occasion I might bust out the dark purple or bright red, but normally I stick to muted and soft shades. As previously mentioned, I love Sugar Fresh Lip Treatment balms in Rose—both the texture and the colour pay-off are perfect for the look I strive to achieve. I have also re-discovered Mac’s See Sheer, which is the softest shade of orange, perfect for my already pale skin tone, and with a great amount of moisture. I’ll definitely be picking up another tube of that in the future.



This is probably the most fun for me to talk about because style is something I love to experiment with. Not in the adventurous-fashionista kind of way, but in the angsty-teen-discovering-themselves kind of way. Unlike a lot of style blogs I read that speak to the notion of a ‘developed style’, I cannot bring myself to stick to just one way of dressing. That’s probably why my wardrobe is so big and disorderly. Some days I want to be in very earthy, muted tones and cater towards my thoughtful-writer-drinking-coffee-out-of-a-mug-at-Starbucks persona, but sometimes I want to wear bright, flashy colours like something you’d see on The Mindy Project. I am a dichotomy and in unity with a self that lives in the moment. I have tried too hard to conform to one type of clothing and it becomes quite exhausting.

I picked up the oversized, striped button down at H&M and plan on wearing it with brighter lipsticks and possibly floral scarves. It also makes me feel like a brooding painter who casually threw that on instead of their smock, no big deal. It is probably the simplest piece of clothing I own, but also kind of makes me feel like a tent from a 1930’s circus. Excited to wear the life out of that.

The two shoes have also been a rediscovering in my closet. I tucked them away before winter began because they had hurt the back of my feet one too many times and so I vowed to never wear them again...but they’re so cute. My only solution to this problem is to wear black socks with them on these last few chilly days and then when the weather becomes warmer and socks look out of place, stock up on a bunch of bandages to keep in my purse. Problem solved.

Anything you’ve been loving lately?