I’m not going to sit here and say that I know anything about fashion. On the contrary, my tastes in clothes are constantly changing and I can hardly categorize my style let alone instruct other people on it. However, style is of course fairly important because we live our life in our clothes so I decided that this week will be dedicated to clothing/style for a bit of a change from my usual content.

I am not very adventurous when it comes to what I wear, but there are a few things in my wardrobe that I feel the most comfortable and confident in. Today I’ll be discussing an outfit I’ve worn way too many times this winter because of how comfy and warm it is as we battle through the tumultuous weather.

Hopefully I can find all the links online to the items listed below, but it might be a bit tough seeing as I usually keep my clothes for a couple of years. Simplicity is key for me as I hate fussing around with too many layers or uncomfortable clothes, so you will see a lot of denim, easy jewelry, and black.


Usually I will reach for a black pair of jeans. I can't even count how many pairs I've gone through in the years, but there have been some I've loved and some that have been slight disappointments considering the hype and price tag. Currently, I am wearing a pair of black skinny jeans from the GAP. These are by no means my favourite but since I used to work there I had a few backups in my dresser that I am trying to wear before purchasing a new brand. What I do like about these is the rise; they rest just under the belly button and I think that is key if you are sitting down a lot throughout the day. The last thing you want is a perpetual plumber's crack. 

I usually pair my jeans with a knitted sweater which lately has been from H&M. Again, it is a simple black colour but is cropped in the front, giving it a bit of a unique look compared to all the other sweater's I own. I have worn this a lot since purchasing it and am very pleased with it's resilience so far. 

And finally are my trusty Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots that haven't left my feet in the past few months. I've worn these through the snow and the rain. Now that I've finally broken them in they are incredibly comfortable and easy to slip on in the mornings. 


I am very simple when it comes to accessories and don't usually switch them up until I find something new that I love or have been given something new as a gift. Currently I've been reaching for a few things that have yet to let me down. My jewelry is usually silver so I've been wearing the same small silver hoop earrings, however, I was given a gold feather necklace from my boyfriend for christmas that I haven't taken off since then.  I will also reach for two silver rings, one from Etsy that is just a thin band and the other a jewel studded one from my grandmother. 

You'll also see me carrying the same black tote bag from Danier since I can easily fit all my things for work in there, including my lunch. I would much rather carry a bigger bag than an additional one for lunch and extra items that don't fit in my purse. This is also helpful if I ever want to take my laptop with me as well. 




My makeup has been extremely simple the past month or so as I've been going for a very matte and muted look. I've also started dabbling in the realm of liquid foundations and have found that the very trendy cushion foundation works great for me and my needs. It's super compact and easy to apply without making a mess. I've created a small list below of my everyday products. 

1) L'Oreal Paris True Match Cushion Foundation

2) NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

3) NYX Matte Lipstick in "Whipped Caviar"

4) Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

What have you been loving to wear?