The winter has hit me hard this year, despite there not being much of a snowfall. I think it’s because I’ve gone through quite a few changes in my personal and professional life throughout the past few months that it’s made the drudgery of January that much more noticeable. Every morning I am greeted with a dark sky and cold feet—not the way I want to be starting my day. I’m sure many people living in northern countries like myself are probably feeling the same way right about now (lethargic and defeated) so I’ve decided to delve into my new found minimalism once more, except this time really focus on wardrobe pieces.

This idea came to me particularly because getting dressed in the mornings has been especially difficult since I mostly spend my days in leggings and oversized sweaters. I found myself reaching for the same few things every morning, just to make things that much easier, and realized that the things I reached for have been in my life for a while now without falter.

Based on the comments I’ve been getting on my other minimalist posts, which you can read [here] and [here], there are many other people out there that want to attempt a minimalist lifestyle but don’t know where to start. Again, I am really not that good of a minimalist, but I am enamoured by the culture and the sense of peace many notable minimalists appear to have achieved. My wardrobe is far from minimal, but I have gotten to the point where most of what I own I actually wear, and that has made a significant difference in my life. I no longer feel obligated to wear outfits that are uncomfortable or not quite my style just because they’ve been sitting in my closet for a few months with the tags still on. Instead, what I’ve managed to do is narrow down the few things that actually serve a purpose for my daily life and what I think would be beneficial to anyone trying to live more concisely.


I haven’t taken off my pair of doc martens this past fall and winter. I can confidently say that they have been one of the best purchases I have made in a long time, not only because they are trendy and have an edgy look to them, but also because they have held up so well against the weather. I’ve worn them almost every day and they barely have a scratch on them. I am big proponent of comfortable footwear and luckily I work in a very casual office environment so I’ve gotten away with pairing them with almost every outfit I’ve worn.


I love bags. I know it, my boyfriend knows it, and my closet knows it. I have owned so many bags in my life that I wouldn’t even be able to count them. I like being able to pair a fancy purse with a casual outfit or a bright coloured one against dark clothing. The options are endless! However, I have also thrown away most of those bags because they were either very cheap and have ruined, or weren’t functional enough to keep. Recently I have limited my wardrobe to about 4 bags for various occasions, which has been working great for me.

The one I use the most, however, is a big, black zippered tote. I never use to be a tote person because I felt hassled having to carry around a giant bag. It’s taken some time for me to convert to that religion and I can’t get enough. Not only can you dress tote bags up or down, but they also have so much room to carry basically everything you need for a long day at work or school. The only time I have changed my belongings out of my tote was when I went to a few bars or house parties and a small shoulder bag was more appropriate.


This one is a given. There’s nothing worse than stepping out of your house to realize that it’s way too cold to be wearing the cute, but very flimsy, jacket you put on inside. This has happened to me a few times this winter and I have completely given up, opting to stick to my cushy, mid thigh TNA jacket. While it is a bit pricey, I’ve had it for about 3 years now and it’s been keeping me nice and toasty. Much like the boots I think it’s important to invest a bit more in pieces like this as they are meant to keep you comfortable throughout the day.


As dramatic as it may sound, this has been a lifesaver for me. I bought a big, fluffy scarf from H&M this past fall and I haven’t used another one the entire winter. It is the perfect length and width to keep my neck protected against the cold wind on my walk home from the station. I’ve also started using it as a blanket at work because the building I’m in is incredibly cold. You will often see me sitting at my desk, swaddled up in my scarf. One recommendation I would make is to purchase one without any loose fibres. At least once a day I’ll find a fluff stuck to my lip balm or in between my eyelashes.


I know this isn’t a wardrobe piece but I had to include it. I am an avid coffee drinker and I’ve taken to buying a morning Americano every day from Starbucks (gotta get those stars!) as a way to wake up and stay warm. However, I’ve gone through countless paper cups and I want to avoid that in the future. I bought a Venti sized reusable mug from them a few months ago that I haven’t put to use for a while, regretfully. I plan on using that a bit more in the coming months, especially since it keeps my coffee warmer for much longer and I don’t feel the need to guzzle it down so quickly.

What are your staple pieces?

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