I'll be the first to say that  I'm not the most fashion forward person, but I do try to experiment a bit with my style and break out of my comfortable box from time to time. However, in my attempts to be a bit more fashionable I have made some mistakes that I definitely regret now. Like in those embarrassing 80’s pictures of our parents, I will look back on some of my fashion faux pas and cringe. So, what better way to alleviate some of the inevitable tension than to call myself out on the mistakes I’ve made? I hope you enjoy reading about my bad decisions that I’ve been able to laugh about now that I’m older.

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dressing for trends, not for my body

We all do this, especially in high school where peer acceptance is more important than passing math. I can’t deny that I was one of those kids who fell for the brightly coloured skinny jeans trend despite how unflattering the colours were and how ill fitting the material. I hadn’t yet started my job in a retail store to really learn the importance of dressing for your body, so I always looked very bottom heavy and the too-long jeans made me look extra short when they were bunched up by my ankles.

buying things I thought I should like

Advertisements are great at really convincing you that you need something. Countless times I fell into the trap of bizarre outfits pieces simply because I saw them plastered everywhere around me. I may not have even liked that item, but because others were wearing it I felt almost left out that I didn’t own one myself. It could have been a type of jacket or a certain brand of shoes (*ahem* Phat Pharm *ahem*). Most of the time, I would only wear these items once and then forget about them because I didn’t genuinely like them. This led to a whole bunch of money being wasted and more clothes bought the next year.

not investing in statement pieces

As mentioned above, a lot of money was spent on items that I didn’t like, but rather thought I should like. What I should have been doing instead was finding key wardrobe items that I genuinely loved, that were timeless, and cost a bit more for better quality. This way the money I put towards them would have been justified and I would have gotten so much more use out of them. Fast fashion is so prominent in today’s society and I am trying my best to steer clear of it. I still experience the temptations of buying cheap, trendy items, but now understand the devastating measures used to make those items.

buying uncomfortable shoes

Shoes have always been the bane of my existence, primarily because I am flat footed. No shoes feel good on for too long and many times in my youth I disregarded this in order to buy trendy flats or sneakers that everyone else was wearing. After working in retail where I would stand for hours on end I learned the importance of a good pair of shoes. Now, at 25, I’m not ashamed to say that I wear orthotics in any shoes that may be a bit too uncomfortable and will always try to choose comfort over style. Luckily, many companies these days provide style and comfort for people like me so that I don’t have to make the compromise.

shying away from thrift shops

Growing up I was never told that used clothing was an option. This lack of awareness was definitely a product of the times, but it seems like in today’s society thrift shops are seen as the best alternative to buy clothes when you don’t want to spend a lot. Seeing as fast fashion is so easy to discard, many of these thrift shops are overflowing with great, barely worn clothes that are better suited for a new owner. My new goal will be to spend a bit more time shopping in thrift stores and learning how the process works. While I still go to regular stores for basics, such as t-shirts and underwear, I think it would be fun to find a few hidden gems that I can have forever.

Recently I’ve been reaching for the same few things that makeup my usual outfit. I am a simple person who enjoys comfort so I’ve found a few key pieces that exemplify my style. A denim jacket is a classic and I’ll usually pair that with a basic t-shirt (usually a men’s one). I’ll also always be wearing some sort of dark denim along with a comfy pair of sneakers.

I’d love to know what your go-to items are and what style mistakes you’ve made in the past.