Yes, today's post is about my style - something I haven't discussed in a fairly long time. It's not that I don't enjoy style, I just find that my outfit choices are too "basic" to warrant and entire post. But, if a million other bloggers can do it, why can't I? The hot weather has hit us incredibly quickly here in Toronto. We rarely have a transitional period between the blistering cold of winter to the scorching heat of summer, but we'll take what we can get I guess. Even after having lived here my entire life, I still can't seem to get the dress code mastered, especially this time of year, so I'm usually left with sweat soaked jeans. 

For today's post I thought I would give a glimpse of one of my favourite transitional outfits for spring to summer that I've worn for the past year. It's a mishmash of various brands and materials, but it's kept me cool throughout the hot months and looking effortless on days when I just don't want to put in much effort.

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To start off, I've been loving this bralette from Aerie, one you've probably seen many times if you follow me on Instagram. Being a bit of a bigger chested girl it's virtually impossible to find a supportive bralette that doesn't have some sort of an underwire to it. But I did it! It fits perfectly, looks cute, and is great for those flowy tops that are a bit sheer. The one thing I will say is to not dry it after you give it a wash as I feel like the elasticity will wear out with too much heat. 

One of those aforementioned flowy shirts is this one that I picked up from H&M about a year or so ago. It's striped, sheer and incredibly breathable cotton. I've been wearing it in almost any kind of weather, but it's perfect for the upcoming summer months when you don't want to wear too much, but still want to be covered. Since it is incredibly oversized, I'll typically tuck into the front of either my shorts, jeans or skirt (depending on what I'm pairing it with). In hindsight I would have gotten it just a tad smaller, but other than that I've been really enjoying it on hot days. 

I've also been loving my 8-ball tote bag I bought from the Drake General store a few months ago. I was never one for bags that didn't have a bunch of pockets, but I like how effortless a canvas tote is - you just throw your things in and head out the door. It also surprisingly holds a lot, which is great for summer days when you need to carry around a water bottle. What sold me on this purchase is that if the bag ever got dirty I could simply throw it in the wash instead of buying a new one. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the exact same one online to link in this post, but a plain canvas tote is just a great!

And finally, makeup. Now that it's been heating up I definitely wont be wearing a lot on my face other than my SPF moisturizer and my new favourite concealer by Anastasia Beverly Hills. The former for protection against the unforgiving sun and the latter to cover up any sweat breakouts. Pair that with some mascara and that's pretty much my makeup look for the summer.

What outfits have you been loving for the warmer weather?