For some people, style comes easy. I, on the other hand, prefer easy style. I want to be able to just throw on a pair of pants and a jacket and feel like my outfit is complete. The fact that Normcore has become popularized this year has really helped in this endeavour because I've never felt like I have a sense of style aligned with any contemporary trends. However, this past year I've been able to explore the nuances of developing a look with simple items and staple pieces that are undecipherable in price or brand. 

For today's post I want to discuss a few of my favourite style pieces that make me feel put together and somewhat on trend without trying too hard. Of course, there is nothing wrong with putting more effort into a look, I enjoy doing that from time to time, but I'll always opt for heading out the door as quickly as possible.  

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Recently I've been loving the effortlessness of t-shirts. In the past I've gotten caught up in trying to find intricately designed shirts that I forgot how great it is to just throw on a plain t-shirt, tuck it into my pants and style with a few accessories. I also enjoy the somewhat androgynous aesthetic because it makes it that much easier to share clothes with my boyfriend (yay minimalism!).

My favourite tees at the moment are a plain white one and a multi-coloured striped one from H&M, a grey pizza logo one from Bluenotes'. I couldn't find a link to the exact same striped shirt, but here is a similar one that I would also add to my wardrobe. The white and grey ones are men's, which allows for a bit of slack when tucking into my bottoms. I'll then usually pair them with either my black leather jacket for a bit of an edgy/dressy look or my light-wash denim jacket when I want to be a bit more casual. I've worn some combination of this outfit at least once a week since spring began and I haven't gotten bored of it yet. 


When it comes to bottoms, I usual alternate between two kinds - athletic leggings and jeans. I'm much more comfortable in pants so I'll typically stick to them unless it's incredibly hot outside and warrants a dress. Since I've started a new, somewhat physical job, I've found that my black leggings have been perfect for staying comfortable. They're also fairly easy to dress up or down, depending on where I am planning to go. I could honestly live in these and since my workplace is casual, I intend to. 

Moving away from the leggings (because I could write about them for hours), I am excited to bust out my light-wash, distressed jeans. My boyfriend will make fun of me because I bought them pre-distressed rather than creating the distressing myself, but jeans these days are a bit too expensive to damage. I've had these for almost 3 years and I expect to for many more. Again, these are easily styled as casual or dressy, however slightly less comfortable on hot days. Because of the higher waist I like pairing them with either a crop top, or a flowy shirt that I can tuck into the front. 


For shoes I will typically reach for my Adidas sneakers (which I've mentioned countless times before) and either my black/white or white converse sneakers. A pair of Chuck Taylor's have been a staple in my wardrobe since I was in middle school, except now I don't draw on them and actually try to wash them from time to time. They're just so easy to slip in an out of and they can be paired with jeans or even a dress, depending on the look I'm going for. 

A watch is always on my wrist if I'm heading to work or for a night out, so I would consider this an accessory that's more necessary than easy to wear. My favourite at the moment is my rose gold Fossil watch as it's the perfect colour for my skin tone and easily dresses up an outfit. 

And finally, my bag. This, arguably, might be the most important part of an outfit because it houses all my necessities. Since I am a pack rat, I love big bags that can be filled up easily, so I am always reaching for my canvas tote bag (or one that's similar). I can't believe I hadn't thought of owning one before because it's the perfect shape and size for books, water bottles, as well as my wallet, phone and a sweater if it gets chilly. The only downside is that there aren't any additional pockets inside the bag, but the whole point of easy style is that you can just throw everything together and head out the door. Chaos is key.  

How do you master simple style?