You may have noticed that I've been writing more about style on my blog. It's not something I planned, nor expected, but it's what I've been drawn too since the weather started warming up for us in the 6. The winter parka has been stuffed away just like the vivid memories of our brutally cold winter. For today's post I wanted to discuss a few of my summer style staples. These items, in some effect, have been with me through thick and thin in the hot summer months. They make up who I am and how the world perceives me and I don't plan on giving them up any time soon despite how old they might be. 

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I can't express how much I hate tight clothing when it's burning outside. The feeling of sweat down my back or under my breasts is enough to drive me insane so I try my best to avoid anything tight fitting in the summer. I find this extremely tricky for hot nights out when you want to dress up a bit more than usual, so my go-to is a loose fitting black tank with a flattering cut. I bought one from American Apparel a few years ago, but since they've gone out of business I've found another one similar to it. The deep V is sexy enough so as to compensate for the looseness around your chest and stomach. This is one of those shirts that I wish I bought in more colours, but, sadly, the search for something comparable is still on. 


For days when it isn't extremely hot I'll usually opt for a dress with either a cardigan or my denim jacket. Recently, I've been loving the look of a striped jersey dress that is form fitting and hits right above the knee. I picked mine up from H&M thinking it would be perfect for work where I can't wear a tank but can still have on something flattering and breathable. Jersey material is my favourite because it clings to the body nicely and without feeling uncomfortable like some other materials would. I would pair this dress with my brown Birkenstocks and a denim jacket, but even throwing on a pair of wedges would look cute and effortless. 


I've owned Birkenstocks for the past 4 years and I just recently replaced my old pair with the traditional two-strap brown 'Arizona' style ones. I'll admit, Birks aren't the most comfortable on me because I have naturally very flat feet and the extreme arch of the shoe tends to hurt after a while. However, I like that they are a sturdy sandal whereas I wouldn't trust other ones to hold up during a long day at work.

My biggest fear is wearing a pair of foam flip flops out and getting a nail through them. But with Birks, that's not going to happen. Also, the new model of the shoe now comes with a cushion layer on top as opposed to the incredibly hard cork from my previous pair. I plan on pairing these with as much as I can, especially jeans and my aforementioned striped jersey dress. 


I don't really have to go into much detail about this style item, do I? There's not much that can be said other than sometimes you want to show your legs without showing your underwear simultaneously. Honestly, I don't wear shorts all that often because I like dresses a bit more, however, my current work environment doesn't always support a dress so shorts are the next best option. I've recently picked up a pair of 90's inspired high-rise 'Mom' shorts from the Gap that I'm looking forward to styling. Not sure if they do my butt any justice, but sometimes fashion isn't about looking good...right?

What are your summer style staples?