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Bralettes have quickly become a big trend in the past few years and it's understandable why. We're moving away from constricting, restrictive bras and adapting a more free, bohemian lifestyle. Just imagine yourself carelessly at Coachella - that's what your breasts should feel like every day. I am all for this movement, especially since bralettes are typically cheaper than bras and a bit cuter with their lacy and floral designs. 


However, they seem to be catered mostly to women with smaller chests who don't have worry a lot about spillage. Throughout the past few years I've experienced my share of struggles with bralettes (some good and some not so much), so I thought I could write up a short post about the ones I've been loving and actually have support for anyone over a B cup. 

My absolute favourtie hands down have been from Aerie. They are a classic style lace bralette with thicker straps and a thick bottom band meant to hold everything up without feeling too tight. I bought mine in black and off-white, perfect for wearing under white tees or low cut tanks. I think anything with a thick bottom band is key for support and comfort and doesn't compromise the overall look of the bralette. I'm not sure if the exact same ones are still being sold but here are a few that are very similar:

My other favourite bralette comes from the GAP. It's the live-in unlined bra that also has a thick band and thick straps for support. What I love the most about this one is the soft stretch microfiber material it's made out of and the way it hugs your chest. The only unfortunate thing about this one is that there does tend to be some spillage because of how soft the material is, but it's fine if you are wearing it under a thick sweater or just around the house. 

What are your favourite bralettes?