I've decided to take back the term "basic bitch" and own it. I am basic and that's something I've learned to love about myself over the last year or so. I always felt the need to try and out-do people with the way I behaved or the way I dress, but that isn't authentic and it only leaves you feeling kinda icky in the long run.

After my big wardrobe clean out most of it now consists of simple or basic items that can be worn at any time and paired with pretty much anything. That's typically what works for me and my lifestyle, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite "basic" pieces on the blog today. I, of course, enjoy adding a fun piece to my wardrobe every here and there just to switch things up, but I know that I'll get more use out of the pieces that are easy for me to just throw on and still look well put together. 

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As the days cool down here in the 6ix, I've been eagerly anticipating getting back into a few of my favourite oversized sweaters. They are just so easy to throw on over a pair of skinny jeans and boots that it feels almost too simple, like I'm getting away with something when I pass it off as a complete outfit. Although, I do usually tend to liven it up a bit with a few accessories as discussed in this post here

You can find a great oversized sweater at any retailer, but my favourites are H&M and GAP. Both are great for finding thick or thinner ones with unique colours and durable fabric. There are some that I've owned for years and that have made a fair amount of appearances on my Instagram feed.

Here are a few sweaters I'm interested in this season:



This year I have fallen in love with mock turtleneck shirts and sweaters. I honestly never thought I'd see the day, but I've worn one of my favourite mock turtleneck tanks from the GAP almost all summer long since I bought it. In my opinion it's the fanciest least fancy item of clothing you can have in your wardrobe. It seems to dress up any bottoms I pair with it, whether that be the classic "mom jeans" or a simple pair of shorts. I'll also usually style it with a pair of hoop earrings and my leather backpack to complete the 90's look. 


Denim jackets are so vital for my life that it saddens me when it becomes too cold here and I have to switch over to my winter coat. I usually try to milk the experience as long as I can, trying to pair my warmest oversized sweaters with my jackets. After having my one light wash denim jacket for a few years now, I've finally bought a new dark wash one for the fall season so I don't look so out of place and so that I no longer have to steal my boyfriend's when he's not around to protest. 

I always tend to buy my casual jackets a bit bigger in size so that they fit a few layers and also aren't skin tight like something we would have seen in the dreaded 2000's fashion. You can buy denim jackets anywhere, but I am a big fan of GAP. They're jackets are stiff and sturdy and let you get a lot of years wear out of them. 


I'll be honest, I always opt for comfy shoes, but now that we're moving away from the summer and strappy sandals I can finally throw on my sneakers, boots and loafers. Working in retail it's hard to function when your feet are killing you, so I always try to buy the most comfortable shoes I can and those all seem to work much better in the fall than any other season. 

My usual shoe wardrobe consists of sneakers, ankle boots, thick heeled ankle boots, and now I expect my new loafers to come into as much use. Everyone's comfort levels are different and my feet seem to have the hardest time throughout the day so it's about prioritizing what matters to you with your style. 



What are your style staples for this season?