Little Loves

Little Loves

2018 has been full of a lot of ups and downs for me so I thought it was about time I talk about a few things I’ve been loving lately before the year is officially over.

Exploring The City

Little Loves

In case I haven’t said it enough on this blog and on my Instagram, in September I moved to London and have spent most of my time since then adjusting to the new city. While I still feel like a tourist rather than someone who actually lives here, I’m finally finding my footing and getting to the know the area I live in as well as the rest of the city. I’ve loved spending weekends and some weekdays (when I’m not working) exploring the city and discovering the places I love the most.

London is so much bigger than Toronto so I expect to be discovering boroughs for a long time, but thus far I have enjoyed walking to Angel along the canal, going to Borough Market for all the delicious food, and taking the rare trip to Covent Garden for shopping and to visit some nearby museums.

The Weather In London

I’m sure anyone who was born and raised in London will think I’m crazy for saying this, but I’ve been loving the weather here. This time in Toronto is usually already below 0 degrees and heavily snowing, so I’m comfortable saying that I would rather deal with a few rainy and windy days than the blistering cold of Canada. I always leave my flat thinking it’ll be freezing outside, only to be pleasantly surprised that it feels like what would otherwise be a crisp October day in Toronto.

A Few New Makeup Products

Little Loves

Ever since twisting my ankle and being couch ridden for a few weeks I fell into a bit of a makeup obsession. In that time when I was a couch gremlin I wasn’t really putting much effort into my appearance and it really affected my mood and the way I perceived myself. Since I’ve been back on my feet I’ve had a lot of fun putting on makeup every morning as a way to stay motivated throughout the day and discovering a few new products at boots and other retailers.

Here are a few of my favourites at the moment:

Thrift Shopping

I only just got into thrifting about a year ago and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done when it comes sustainability and my overall fashion sense. Before I would just pop into a store and pick out a few items that I thought were trendy, but now I have to dig to find something I really love or happen upon something that really catches my eye. It’s much more satisfying to find a single piece among so many others rather than just going into a store and seeing so many of the same thing.

Little Loves

And, the good thing is that London has so many more charity shops and thrift stores than Toronto does which makes it so much easier to find items that are in good condition and still trendy. I recently found this gorgeous beige, white and black houndstooth coat at a Mary’s Living and Giving Shop near Maltby St Market, not really looking for something but not being able to resist it when I saw it. It fits in perfectly with the rest of my clothes and was priced fairly affordably considering the quality and condition.

A Busy Schedule

I always hated when people would go on about how busy they were as if it was some sort of accomplishment to not have any free time. However, I recently got another freelance client and, I have to admit, that having more work to fill up my time has been very motivating. It’s made me feel a lot more productive and capable when it comes to juggling my schedule while also doing everything else I want to do while I’m in London. Now that I’m putting a bit more effort into my blog it’ll also add a bit more heft to my schedule and I’m excited to see what comes out of all the effort.