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I have worked with companies of varying industries to produce the best content for their platforms.

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"Katerina created effective, SEO-driven content on a weekly basis for our main and secondary websites. She was easy to work with and offered suggestions to make the creation process simpler and more straightforward. Her regular communication with our other freelancers helped to maintain collaboration and efficiency within the team through various projects."

- Edward Stephen, Firmex

“For over one year of successful issues of Wanderous Affair Magazine (beginning Spring 2018), Katerina has served as one of our copy editors. Time and time again, she not only alleviates the stress of our team by providing trustworthy and accurate edits of our contributors’ article submissions, but she does so in an efficient and timely manner. Her ability to both give and receive advice, voice her opinion, and foster discussions focused on the betterment of Wanderous Affair Magazine are always welcome.”

- Emily Michelle Fata, Wanderous Affair